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Digital conditions

This part describes the parameter of the digital conditions.



In use

If the switch is active, the digital actual value is compared with the related setpoint value or a fixed value. If the comparison according the transition type ist true, the condition is true.

Actual value

This selection defines an actual value, which is compared with its setpoint or a fixed value according to the transition type.

Fixed value

This switch defines a fixed value for comparison.

Transition type

This selection defines the comparison condition. Possible selections are:

  • Actual value = Setpoint

  • Actual value <> Setpoint

  • Actual value = Fixed value

  • Actual value <> Fixed value

The digital conditions must be configured in the JUMO smartWARE Setup variTRON. They can be found as follows:
Configuration > PT Configuration > Process step > 'Name' > Definition > Digital transition conditions

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